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London street map We realise that receiving your daily newspapers and other weekly and monthly titles is vital to your business whether it be for individual usage on a daily basis or to be held for use at a later date by an organisation’s library. But we also know that it is something that an organisation does not want to have to deal with constantly. For that reason, Willis News Distribution takes all the work out of dealing with several suppliers and will arrange everything publication-related for its clients. Whatever the size of your organisation, we will fulfil your newspaper, magazine, journal and subscription requests.

Just let us know your requirements from individual names to departmental names, full addresses, invoicing requirements, publication title, quantity and your copies will be professionally sorted, labelled, packed and delivered at a suitable time and to the designated drop-off point. If your delivery point is not open when we deliver, we will arrange to deliver them later or to an alternative secure drop-off point. We can arrange for copies to be delivered direct to your postroom as often required. We can even deliver your weekend newspapers on the subsequent Monday if that is your preferred choice. We will remind you when subscriptions are due for renewal and we will ensure continuity of title. We will invoice monthly – electronically or by post and our Account Manager will sort any amendments for holidays, new orders, adhoc orders and queries.

Willis News makes it all very simple and our friendly team will answer all your queries regarding deliveries or publications.

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If you would like to receive copies just for a specific day for a particular conference or meeting or event, then let us know a few days before and we can provide you with newspapers or magazines just for that day or for the duration of the conference. We can also deliver to an alternative London address if your conference is being held at a different venue.