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Environmental & Green Recyling Issues

Tower Bridge, River Thames, LondonWillis News Distribution was instrumental within newspaper organisations to recycle newspapers.  Nowadays Willis News can collect your waste newspapers on a daily and complimentary basis.  When we deliver today’s newspapers, we’ll collect yesterday’s newspapers simultaneously.  The newspaper waste is then responsibly recycled via an accredited waste company, TGM Environmental Group. (and then that should link to their organisation).  We have worked with TGM for several years now.  If you would like to view some of their compliance documents, please click on the following link:-

Willis News has also undertaken numerous steps to meet our environmental and sustainability objectives and has made several warehouse changes to accommodate our initiatives including buying recycled office stationery.

When we make our deliveries, we always use the most size-appropriate vehicle – as small as possible will therefore be as cost-effective and carbon-efficient as possible and by being situated nearby to our clients, our carbon footprint is minimalised.

Working in the newspaper industry, Willis News is keen to support sustainable issues to do what we can for the future environment.

TGM Environmental Group