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Team Players...

Paul Amasanti

Managing Director

Paul has been with Willis News Distribution for more than twenty years and his entrepreneurial approach has enabled the company to develop into the success it is today. Paul’s innovation has driven a number of projects with many key newspaper publishers. It is his prime responsibility to drive and manage new clients, retain existing clients and oversee all external marketing programmes. Previously, Paul was involved in logistics at Diageo and also within Sales & Marketing at AIG.

Lisa Amasanti

Finance Director

Having been with the company since 1985, Lisa is now Willis News Distribution’s Finance Director. Her primary responsibility is to oversee the administrative and financial operations of the company. Lisa and her Accounts team work on all the financial matters relating to our clients covering their sometimes complex invoicing requirements through to cost centre analysis. In addition, she looks after the online administration where our customers have their own unique customer log in details to access their account. Lisa also deals with personnel matters. Previous experience includes working at Lloyds Banking on leaving school where she received extensive training and also at ICL in the IT department.

Mark Amasanti

Logistics Director

Mark joined the company in his early twenties and is now the company’s Logistics Director where he heads up the company’s extensive operations and logistics. It is his responsibility to oversee precisely how each delivery can be made in the most timely and efficient manner. His role also includes liaising with our wide array of suppliers from wholesalers to publishers and ensuring that our daily, weekly and monthly supply of newspapers and magazines are received, sorted, labelled, packed and despatched correctly. Mark often works nights alongside the night team to ensure that all runs smoothly. Mark’s background before joining the business was working in the news wholesale industry where he gained the full grasp of what is involved in running a newspaper delivery business.

Chris Minshall

Operations Manager

Having joined Willis News in 1994, as the Operations Manager, Chris has perfected the ability to juggle a number of roles. She looks after day-to-day operational matters whilst managing subscriptions and manages many of our large clients having built up a first class working relationship with many of them. Chris possesses excellent training and supervisory skills and has an excellent knowledge of the industry and coverage of publications. In addition, Chris heads up our sustainability programme.

Valerie Giaconi

Account Manager

Valerie has been with Willis News since 2005 as Account Manager. During this time she has built up some excellent customer relationships. Valerie is the perfect account manager as she totally understands what it's like to be the customer and the supplier as, in a previous role, she managed the periodicals collections dealing with both clients and publishers. Valerie liaises constantly with numerous clients on a daily basis actioning their order amendments, i.e. stoppages, starts, new supplies, holidays. This is predominantly via email but regularly on the telephone too.

Anna Bingle

Finance Administrator

Anna joined Willis News in 2000 and she plays a key role in the Accounts Department. Her duties include keeping up-to-date with the many BACS payments we receive on a daily basis and extensive credit control. She therefore speaks to several of our customers ensuring minimal bad debts. Anna is also responsible for the VAT reports. Anna has previously worked at the BBC and Burton Group.

Karen Granger

Finance Administrator

Karen works part-time in our Accounts Department and her main roles are to assist with keeping payments up-to-date and general credit control. She also assists with invoicing every month ensuring that customers receive their invoices on time and that all alterations have been collated and entered. Karen will also chase outstanding payments and is responsible for the management reporting of key accounting issues. Karen previously worked as a Conference Organiser for Edexcel (formerly Business and Technical Education Council) and also for the British Library.

Terry Hancock

Distribution Manager

Terry has been with Willis News since 1998 and before that already had nearly thirty years’ experience in the industry as prior to joining Willis News he had held various managerial roles with other organisations within the trade. Terry adopts an extremely “hands on approach”. His main responsibilities as the Distribution Manager means that he ensures the newspapers and magazines are received, sorted, labelled, packed and delivered timely and efficiently. He is key in our quality control. Terry also looks after the Willis News fleet of vehicles. He truly is very hands-on and liaises competently with customers and suppliers to achieve the best outcome.

Peter Wales

Night Manager

Peter joined Willis News Distribution in 1999 but has some thirty-five years experience within the newspaper industry. Peter has excellent professional knowledge and therefore as the Night Manager is ideally suited to manage the entire night operation from start to finish ensuring that newspapers are packed correctly and distributed as per our clients’ specific requirements. As there is only a small window of operation, Peter ensures the packers and drivers work to a detailed ops plan so the night operation moves swiftly and efficiently.

What our clients say...

  • "As Head Concierge of a five-star hotel in St. James’, I need a newspaper company to provide a first-class, efficient, professional yet friendly service. We have been using Willis News Distribution for many years and have always found them to be all of the above. We look forward to our continued excellent working relationship. "

    Joe Rodrigues
    Head Concierge, Sofitel London St James

  • "Willis have managed our subscriptions for quite a few years now and they do a fantastic job for us. They are always quick to respond, super-efficient, flexible and helpful. I know that they are proactively managing our account and are always on top of all of our subscriptions. I only ever have to ask once to get anything set up or changed. We take a lot of varied international titles and it makes my job so much easier knowing that Willis are handling it all for us."

    Debbie Pindura,
    Library Subscriptions Manager, FIL Investments International

  • "Willis News has been our agent since 2002 which speaks volumes. They provide a professional, one-stop service with friendly staff, regular review meetings, deliveries direct to the office before 8:00 a.m. therefore ensuring publications on clients’ desks before 9:00 a.m. I would highly recommend their corporate delivery service as they always aim to put the customer first which is a rare"

    Vennette Thomas,
    Accounts Administrator, Henderson Global Investors

  • "We enjoy a great relationship with Willis News Distribution. Not only do they get the i to a large number of both residential and corporate customers on time every day but they are always on hand to solve any distribution problem"

    Paul Bacon
    Sales & Marketing Manager, i newspaper

  • "Willis News Distribution has been our newspaper supplier for over forty years which speaks volumes in itself. We have built a great relationship with Willis News and continue to enjoy working with them as they have always provided a reliable, efficient and professional service."

    Barbara Baenninger, Regional Circulation Director

  • "Willis News has been our newspaper suppliers for a number of years now and has always provided an excellent service. Reliable, fast and efficient distribution is combined with friendly and yet professional communication at all times. They have always met our needs and we look forward to doing business with them for many years to come."

    Rachel Barker,
    Research Manager, Economist Intelligence Unit

  • "I have been using Willis News Distribution for as long as I can remember (and I have been working at Mintel International for some 23 years!). Throughout this period, Willis News has provided an excellent service and Mintel has no desire to move its account elsewhere. The team is more than helpful with any problem or request I have – in a nut shell...a good, friendly and efficient service."

    Steven Mayles
    Research Analyst & Librarian Mintel International