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Early Deliveries

St Pauls Cathedral in Central London Willis News delivers newspapers every day that a newspaper is published in the United Kingdom. Christmas Day is about the only day when our vans are not needed. 

We endeavour to provide an excellent service with excellent delivery times and individually labelled copies doing our utmost to satisfy and exceed your expectations and requirements. It is our policy to not use sub contractors and therefore we employ all our drivers and packers. 

This makes for total commitment and a positive working environment. Providing a fast and efficient delivery of newspapers and magazines to businesses within central London is absolutely vital to your business and our business.

Your order can be delivered either very early morning or at a time to suit your needs. We will deposit them directly to your designated drop-off point – this may be Concierge / Reception / Security. If you do not have 24-hour security, then we will deposit your secure bundle as per your instructions. Organisations often give us a specific place to leave newspapers whether this is a back door or side entrance. Many locations will even give us a security code to gain access to a loading bay or similar secure area.