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Distributors of National & International Newspapers

What our clients say...

  • "As Head Concierge of a five-star hotel in St. James’, I need a newspaper company to provide a first-class, efficient, professional yet friendly service. We have been using Willis News Distribution for many years and have always found them to be all of the above. We look forward to our continued excellent working relationship. "

    Joe Rodrigues
    Head Concierge, Sofitel London St James

  • "Willis have managed our subscriptions for quite a few years now and they do a fantastic job for us. They are always quick to respond, super-efficient, flexible and helpful. I know that they are proactively managing our account and are always on top of all of our subscriptions. I only ever have to ask once to get anything set up or changed. We take a lot of varied international titles and it makes my job so much easier knowing that Willis are handling it all for us."

    Debbie Pindura,
    Library Subscriptions Manager, FIL Investments International

  • "Willis News has been our agent since 2002 which speaks volumes. They provide a professional, one-stop service with friendly staff, regular review meetings, deliveries direct to the office before 8:00 a.m. therefore ensuring publications on clients’ desks before 9:00 a.m. I would highly recommend their corporate delivery service as they always aim to put the customer first which is a rare"

    Vennette Thomas,
    Accounts Administrator, Henderson Global Investors

  • "We enjoy a great relationship with Willis News Distribution. Not only do they get the i to a large number of both residential and corporate customers on time every day but they are always on hand to solve any distribution problem"

    Paul Bacon
    Sales & Marketing Manager, i newspaper

  • "Willis News Distribution has been our newspaper supplier for over forty years which speaks volumes in itself. We have built a great relationship with Willis News and continue to enjoy working with them as they have always provided a reliable, efficient and professional service."

    Barbara Baenninger, Regional Circulation Director

  • "Willis News has been our newspaper suppliers for a number of years now and has always provided an excellent service. Reliable, fast and efficient distribution is combined with friendly and yet professional communication at all times. They have always met our needs and we look forward to doing business with them for many years to come."

    Rachel Barker,
    Research Manager, Economist Intelligence Unit

  • "I have been using Willis News Distribution for as long as I can remember (and I have been working at Mintel International for some 23 years!). Throughout this period, Willis News has provided an excellent service and Mintel has no desire to move its account elsewhere. The team is more than helpful with any problem or request I have – in a nut shell...a good, friendly and efficient service."

    Steven Mayles
    Research Analyst & Librarian Mintel International


Where do we deliver?

We deliver newspapers, magazines, journals all over London.

The vast majority of our clients are situated in the West End, The City & Canary Wharf.

Let us know your requirements and if we can deliver there, we will gladly set up your account immediately. Contact us or email to see if we can deliver to your premises.

What do we deliver?

We deliver the following:-

  • National &International Newspapers 
  • National & International Magazines 
  • Magazine & Journal Subscriptions 
  • Back-dated Newspapers & Books
What time will my newspapers / magazines arrive?

We start delivering publications very early in the morning but we offer bespoke delivery times if that better suits your requirements.

Delivery can be seven days per week and twice per day if you order foreign titles.

The international and foreign titles are usually delivered slightly later on our second round of deliveries.

Is there a minimum order?

Willis News Distribution does not operate a minimum order policy. We will deliver an order irrespective of size. If you only need one newspaper per day, then that’s what we’ll deliver.

How can you deliver when my offices are closed at that time of the night?

If you are not open all night or do not have 24-hour security, we will ensure your bundle is securely tied and left as close to your office door as is possible. We have several clients who have provided us with access codes or porch keys, etc.

Can you pick up returns from my office and responsibly recycle them?

We will remove waste copies and these are responsibly recycled via an accredited waste paper – Viridor.

What do I do if I’m going on holiday and want to stop my newspapers?

Email all the relevant information to our Account Manager who will action your email as soon as possible.


Office hours are 6:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday to Friday.

How do I get hold of a back issue?

We keep a large supply of back issues in stock for just such situations. Email your requirements to our Account Manager and if we’ve got a copy, we’ll deliver with your next delivery.


Can I open an account in the middle of a month?

Yes – it’s entirely up to you when you want to start a new account.

When does Willis invoice clients?

We invoice at the end of every month for that month's supply of newspapers.

What are your terms of payment?

We require payment before the following invoice is despatched. You can settle your account by cheque, BACS or credit card.

Can I get my invoice weekly?

We generally invoice monthly as most clients prefer to receive a monthly invoice. However, we do have a few clients that require a weekly invoice and if this is your preference, this can easily be arranged. There may be an additional administration charge if you require invoicing weekly.

How will I know if my subscription is coming to an end?

Our Subscriptions Manager will email you a month prior to the end of your subscription to see if you would like to continue or discontinue your subscription and we’ll do the necessary paperwork for you. This will ensure continuity of the relevant title.

How do I change contact details for a particular publication?

Simply email our Account Manager ( and Valerie will make all the necessary amendments to the various publications.

What do I do if I’m short supplied?

If you have a claim for a missing publication, email us on and we’ll arrange for the relevant title to be delivered within two hours of your call. Please claim any missing copies as early as possible so we can try to replace it.

What do I do if I get a last minute order?

Call us as early as possible and if we have received your call early enough we will endeavour to deliver that publication within two hours of your call.

Can I view my account myself?

If you would like to view your account on line, you will be given a unique username and password.

Can I amend my order myself?

If you would like to review / manage your account on line, you will be given a unique username and password. You can then access your account and enter your own stop and start dates. As well as amending your order, you can produce reports, see invoices, etc. etc.

Can I view my standing order?

You can either view this online or email us and we’ll send you back the information as soon as possible.

How do I order foreign titles?

Simply email with your requirements and we’ll add the relevant titles to your supply with immediate effect.

Do you keep an extra supply of items?

We always have an over supply of numerous publications. Simply email us if you need an extra supply of any item.

Can you keep the weekend issues for me for delivery on the subsequent Monday?

Yes. Many corporate customers whose offices are closed on weekends have their weekend issues delivered with their Monday publications.