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Hotels, Restaurants & Private Members Clubs


Entrance to Claridges HotelWillis News supplies a vast number of four star and five star luxury and boutique hotels. The hotels we service are based throughout the West End, City and Canary Wharf and their newspaper and magazine requirements vary on a daily basis. With guests changing daily, the hotels need to have a flexible ordering system in addition to their standing order and for this reason we are able to offer our hotels a bespoke service.

Nightly email ordering

We set up a standing order and then each hotel emails (or faxes) our warehouse on a nightly basis a bespoke-to-their-hotel Willis News Hotel Order Form indicating which publication they want and in what quantity for the following morning's delivery.

Early delivery

Most guests would like their newspapers prior to breakfast and we therefore ensure that the Concierge or Reception Desk receives their first set of newspapers extremely early. The foreign titles are usually delivered slightly later on our second round of deliveries.

Bespoke Global Newspapers

Intercontinental Hotel PlaqueFor hotel guests who would like to order a newspaper from their home territory which may not normally be readily available in the UK, we offer a very bespoke service. Willis News Distribution can supply almost 1,500 foreign titles. View the full listing of our Satellite Edition Newspapers.

Complimentary Collection & Recycling Service

Recycling LogoWe can pick up returns which are then responsibly recycled via an accredited waste company.

Special offers exclusive to hotels

We have a number of special offers from several publishers exclusive to hotels.

Currently, we have SPECIAL OFFERS on the following publications:-

  • The Times
  • Financial Times
  • The Telegraph
  • Guardian & Observer
  • Wall Street Journal Europe
  • New York Times International

For full details of all our offers, please contact us or email

Restaurants & Private Members Clubs

We can provide daily newspapers, weekly magazines and at a time and place to meet with your requirements. Please do call or email us for further details.